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A bout Angels...

I am quite often asked, "Do You Believe In God"? If you were a little girl and you went for an interview with 100 other girls to be cast for the part of George Bailey's little girl, and they came to you and said YOU will be ZuZu! Would you believe in God? Clarence Oddbody was an angel in the movie It's a Wonderful Life. Are there really angels?

I don't think there are many of us that have not felt, at some time in our lives, that there was a presence or an inner voice within. There are many different faiths in this world. The common link is that we all embrace a faith. It is a strong channel of energy that gives us strength and hope.

I performed a show for a National Angel Convention in 1997. I went into the event thinking that it was a material hobby for people to collect angels. I was extremely surprised, when I discovered, the reason that most people started collecting angels was because they had lost a loved one. It is a way to remember that person, whom they loved so much.

The first book I ever got as a child was for Christmas. It was an angel book of prayers. I have never forgotten that lovely book and I still have it today. Perhaps it was an omen of what was to come for my life. Angels have been a great part of my life. Because I do believe they are with us to help us focus and to give us the inner strengths that we sometimes need to survive the many curves that fate seems to put in our paths.

In the movie, The Bishop's Wife, Cary Grant was an angel. He came in answer to a prayer. Many fans write to me and share their stories of actually feeling the guidance of an angel. I know that there are many people who cannot conceive that such powers exist. For them, I feel sadness, because they see things in only black and white. They do not have the ability to see beyond their tunnel vision. It is difficult to grow as a whole person when your vision is limited. So for those of us, who have the ability to reach out and grasp the unknowing and the adventures of this gift we have been given, I say Hurrah, and, it is a wonderful life.

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