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The Harrington family with newest member, Haley Zuzu.


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B aby Zuzu

Baby "Zuzu" Harrington.

by Glen Farrington

Hi Karolyn,

I was thrilled to find your site tonight. My wife Malinda and I just had a baby girl this past Sunday February 1st.. Her name is Haley Zuzu Farrington. Already we all seem to just be calling her Zuzu.

Needless to say, my wife and I have always loved IAWL and as usual we looked forward to seeing it every Christmas. While watching this past one we were in the midst of trying to figure out a middle name for our baby if it happens to be a girl. When we saw the petal scene it occurred to us how perfect the name Zuzu was. Being a recent cancer survivor, I know how lucky and blessed I am to continue enjoying life with my wife and son Hunter. Now with Zuzu...it is
indeed a wonderful life.

I also wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed your site.Your story is a great inspiration. I'm so happy that the real life Zuzu is a person that my daughter will be proud of.

All the best from Sunny Florida,

Glenn Farrington



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