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he John Wayne Film Society and My Trip to England

My Trip to England
In the middle of what used to be the Sherwood Forest, there are two wonderful gentlemen who have made it possible to keep an American legend alive. David and Patrick Cutts founded the John Wayne Film Society in England. They have devoted their energies and time to bring to the many fans of England a taste of the movie great, John Wayne.

It was my pleasure to be involved with this wonderful organization in June. I met many devoted fans of John Wayne and of James Stewart. They came from Scotland and Ireland as well as locally. All the while Patrick and David were showing Chris and I the lovely English countryside and we were able to get a true flavor of this beautiful country.

From the incredible turnout of fans, David and Patrick may open it to the public and make it happen again in the year 2001!

Patrick, Karolyn and David

The John Wayne Film Society
The Society was formed in November 1990 by Dave and Patrick Cutts. Their aim is to preserve the memory and to encourage interest in the films of the "DUKE."
The Society holds three Conventions per year at The Library Theatre, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Library, Idelwells Precinct, Sutton-in-Ashfield, England.

Anyone interested in inquiring about becoming a member can contact:

129, Huthwaite Road,
NG17 2GY

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