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Karolyn standing at the entrance to the Jimmy Stewart museum


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Jimmy Stewart Museum
For those of you who loved Jimmy Stewart and his movies, The Jimmy Stewart Museum is a MUST! It is an ever growing project. A new military wing has just been added about his service during World War II. The people that came to meet me were wonderful. I enjoyed talking to them and listening to the tales of those who had family members that had grown up with Mr. Stewart. I feel that the folks who live in this community helped give Mr. Stewart the foundation to become the legend he was, and yet remain a humble and caring man. The Museum is a window into who Mr. Stewart was and is a tribute to a man who was loved by many people.

Culver City Studios, Stage 14 where the actual It's a Wonderful Life was filmed back in 1946. Pictured are the adult Bailey kids (from left to right): Jimmy Hawkins (Tommy) Karolyn, Larry Simms (Petey) and Carol Coombs Mueller (Janie)


Karolyn and Chris "George Bailey" Collins

Chris Collins Show
On a couple of side trips while I was there, I had the opportunity to see a very remarkable performance by Chris Collins portraying George Bailey in a one man show about "It's a Wonderful Life". Best of luck to you Chris!

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