Zuzu's Petals,
A Dream of It's a Wonderful Life $20

hardcover 8x10", 32 pages

"Zuzu's Petals, A Dream of It's a Wonderful Life" from authors Karolyn Grimes and Karen Deming, is a fully-illustrated children's book based on the 1946 film "It's a Wonderful Life." The story is told from the perspective of Zuzu Bailey, George and Mary's youngest daughter.

After learning of her father's need for prayer, Zuzu falls asleep while repeating, 'Please bring Daddy back.'

In her dream, she embarks on a journey to find her father and heal her wilting rose. While her flower loses petals with each person she meets, she is concerned that her gift is falling apart and will soon be gone. What she finds is that the greatest gift of all is caring for others and that never ends.

View illustrations from "Zuzu's Petals" and some behind the scenes "making of moments" on Facebook.

This 8 X 10 hard cover book is personally signed. $25.00

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