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70th Anniversary IAWL Ornament $20
2016 is the 70th Anniversary of the film, It's a Wonderful Life! To celebrate, Karolyn has created a special commemorative ornament. It notes the 70th anniversary and features Uncle Billy, Mary, George, Violet, Tommy, Zuzu, Frank Capra and Janie.   ... more info

2016 Ceramic IAWL Ornament $20
This heart shaped ornament for the year of 2016 features George, Zuzu and Clarence holding the book Tom Sawyer. A special reminder that ....Remember no man is a failure who has friends...... and then states, It's a Wonderful Life. Karolyn will sign the back and it would make a lovely gift for a friend or family member. ..
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2015 Ceramic IAWL Ornament $20
The 2015 Ornament is here. This ornament features George and Zuzu when he is fixing her rose.It features the name of the film and has a touch of holly at the bottom. It's a Wonderful Life is reaching more people every year. And there is magic between a father and his daughter in this movie. ..
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The Bishop's Wife "Filmstrip" Ornament $20
The Bishop's Wife is remembered with this beautiful black and white ceramic film strip featuring Cary Grant telling little Debby the story of David and Goliath. It measures 3 X 2 inches and Karolyn will sign the back.
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2013 Ceramic IAWL Ornament $20
The ornament features the scene at the end of the film. The famous line from the film is on the ornament: "Everytime a Bell Rings an angel gets his wings.".
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2013 Ceramic IAWL Christmas Tree Ornament $20
Back by request...the Christmas tree ornament. It portrays the Bailey family in front of the Granville House. Everyone is smiling and happy. This would be a great gift or a wonderful addition to your own tree. Karolyn will personalize it however you request... more info


Ceramic IAWL 65th Anniversary Christmas Tree Ornament $20
Introducing the 2011 Ornament in celebration of the 65th Anniversary of the classic film, "It's a Wonderful Life". When the film was released it captured the front cover of Newsweek Magazine on December 30th, 1946. .. more info


Ceramic Angel Ornament $20
This ceramic angel ornament measures 3"x4". Across the bottom is written, "Every time a bell rings and angel gets his wings." Karolyn can sign the reverse side.
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Zuzu's Prize - Print from an original painting by Joe Yakovetic
Regular 8x10 print
Limited edition 11x14 Giclée
This beautiful painting shows me coming home from school with my coat open so I can look at my rose. I am walking on the streets of Bedford Falls with the help of an angel looking over me. In the photo there is a hidden picture of George Bailey....see if you can find it. I personally sign the print... more info

8x10 print $25
Giclée $200


Petal Scene Throw $65
This beautiful throw/tapestry is sometihng you will treasure for years. It shows the famous petal scene from IAWL. The throw measures 48"x70" and is a heavy two-layer, multicolored standard warp.
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Ceramic Angel Ornament $20
This ornament celebrates the end of the movie as Clarence is looking up to the Heavens...with a smile on his face. Mary, George and Zuzu are in the act of singing Auld Lang Syne. Karolyn signs the back. Karolyn can sign the reverse side.
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Ceramic Bell Ornament $20
This ceramic ornament measures 3"x3". Across the bottom is written, "Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings." Karolyn can sign the reverse side. more info

It's a Wonderful Life Round Ornament $20
The new 2007 ceramic ornament features Zuzu and George at the end of the movie. There are two tiny bells on the bottom. The ornament is 3" in diameter, and Karolyn signs on the back.
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Ceramic Globe Ornament $20
This new issue is a ceramic globe ornament measuring 3" in diameter. Across the top and bottom is written, "Every time a bell rings and angel gets his wings." Karolyn can sign the reverse side.
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It's a Wonderful Life Poster $100
This is a beautiful poster commissioned by Karolyn. It measures 18" by 24" and is made of quality stock paper. The year is noted on the poster. It is a celebration of that tender moment between a father and his daughter. It is in sepia tone and there is a muted red on the petals of Zuzu's precious rose. more info 



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