It's a Wonderful Life  
  Angel Corner  
The world holds and cherishes many unrecognized heroes. This page is dedicated to those who touch others' lives in positive ways. They're an inspiration to all of us.

So many angels have touched my life, helped heal my wounds and given me hope that humanity can be wonderful. I have received lovely gifts of angel figurines and other items inspired from the love of It's a Wonderful Life and its messages. But some of the best gifts are the stories related by those same angels. Want recent evidence? Not long ago, a woman walked up to me and told me this story:

"I have to tell you about my brother-in-law. His wife was going through the last stages of terminal cancer. She was at home and was bedfast. Her favorite film was 'It's a Wonderful Life.' For the last 15 days of her life on this earth, they watched the film every day. She always felt an uplift of spirit after she watched George and Clarence. She felt that the angels were watching for her to come and join them. At her memorial service, her husband bought a lot of little bells and handed them to those who attended. At the end of the service everyone was asked to ring a bell for her."

The woman said that little gesture had so moved everyone at the service that each one felt a joy for this friend who had left this world.

This page gives me the opportunity to thank the angels who are making a difference. These wonderful fans have creative talents and hearts full of love!

      Artwork by Fans:      

Francie's Quilts

Sandra's "Bedford Falls Village"